Thursday, 18 June 2009

So this is what it's like, taking a non-end-gaining approach to Blog writing. Sometimes things take a while to find their rhythm...My last blog was October 2008 and it's now June 2009. But today seems a fine day to write the next post.

My partner Ian, not an Alexander Technique teacher, often questions this concept of non-end-gaining. Isn't it just an excuse for not getting round to things? It's a good question. But as one of the two wonderful first generation teachers called Marjorie, Marjorie Barlow I think, said, "if you're making an effort you'll be tightening your neck." Somehow the trick is to escape the effort, sneak around the back and do whatever you want to do without contracting, without tightening. So here I am, quite to my surprise, quite without a conscious plan (except that I see that I have this month's 'mind-map' to my side where it says quite plainly, on the creative strand, 'The Blog') happily typing away at the computer. Today is a day with no plans. I've created some space. In comes The Blog!