Friday, 10 October 2008

Playing with Writing a Blog

Hello this is Sarah..

My very first Blog. I'm hoping it might provide a chance to muse on, condense and track the themes, ideas and inspirations that arrive day to day as an Alexander teacher.

Today - 28th October 2008 - I'm working with the laptop as a Grand Stimulus. I've already worked through not opening the laptop, noticing the pulls towards 'getting on with it'. Noticing the physical pulls down and to the right. Noticing how I lose the lower half of my back. I'm working with my directions now as I write this and I'm feeling more confident, more joyful. I'm making a mental note to use writing this blog as my dedicated Alexander at the Computer practice. That seems fun and in line with Marshall Rosenberg's reminder at the opening of the Alexander Congress in Lugano - Don't Do Anything That's Not Play (Joseph Campbell). I want this blog to be Play!

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